Coming soon from Fordham University Press Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and Cinema (co-edited with Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock)

"Regina Hansen’s new collection presents twenty-one essays on a range of films, themes and rituals from the Exorcist to Brideshead Revisited, from saints’ miracles to zombie resurrection, from Catholic confession to vampiric Eucharist. The preface claims a loose thesis for the collection: that Catholicism is “one of the central elements of fantastic narrative in North American and European film” (1). Indeed, the book develops how “representations of Roman Catholicism, its symbolism and ritual, are often meant to evoke an experience of the fantastic” (3). As viewers are increasingly removed from the meaning behind its formal elements, Catholicism represents the supernatural."

"Supernatural, Humanity, and the Soul is an essential collection of important new pieces on Supernatural. Together they deliver a nuanced theological, philosophical, and gender-based analysis that revels in the series' multi-layered complexity. At once engaging, illuminating, and thought-provoking, this book offers valuable new approaches to, and insights into, this popular series. It is a must for all seekers of knowledge about the weird and wonderful world of the Winchesters." - Simon Brown, Television and Film Scholar, Kingston University, UK

With scholar Simon Brown, I co-edited the Summer 2017 issue of Science Fiction Film and Television, the Stephen King issue. I also contributed an article.




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That’s a page turner!’: Supernatural, God, and Narrative Agency.
(from Monstrum 3.2)

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