Coming June 1st, 2021

There’s a certain wild magic in the salt air and the thrum of the sea. Beet MacNeill has known this all her life. It added spice to her childhood adventures with her cousin Gerry, the two of them thick as thieves as they explored their Prince Edward Island home. So when Gerry comes up the path one early spring morning, Beet thinks nothing of it. Not until she realizes that he brings with him the scent of blooming roses, even though the garden is bare. He is dripping wet and silent, but he plays a haunting tune on his fiddle that chills Beet to the bone. Something is very, very wrong.

Things only get worse when Marina Shaw saunters into town and takes an unsettling interest in Gerry’s baby boy. Island lore is filled with tales of a vicious shape-shifting sea creature and the cold, beautiful woman who controls him—a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Marina. Beet is determined to find out what happened to her beloved cousin, and to prevent the same fate from befalling the handsome boy who is winning her heart, whether she wants him to or not. Yet the sea always exacts a price . . .  


"A captivating historical ghost story ..."

" ... readers will be drawn in by the haunting atmosphere."

Kirkus Reviews